Welcome at the official website of Mgr. Vlaďka Krásová, IFBB Bikini Pro


Vlaďka, the only professional competitior at IFBB BIKINI PRO, is a leo – not only her astrological sign, but also in character. Her sports career is a proof that strong will and determination is the one and only right way to pursue success on professional stages among worldwide competition.


  • 3 times Olympia Pro Bikini qualifier (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Olympia Pro Bikini 2014 - 13th place
  • EVLS Prague Pro 2013 - Bikini Pro - winner
  • Absolute Czech champion & 2012 WC bronze medalist
  • Arnold Classic Europe Amateur 2012 winner
  • Olympia Amateur Bikini 2012 winner


To follow Vladka´s career online, subscribe to her official Facebook page Vladimira Krasova IFBB.


The seminar will be on June 24th at 7pm at Fitness Victory in Prague. The seminar is for athletes who would like to get onto the stage. The only Czech professional competitor at IFBB Bikini Pro and member of Nutrend team will teach you how to pose or what hairstyle or make-up is right for competitors.



Last weekend Vlaďka participated at the Mozolani Pro Classic in Slovakia and achieved a great second place! Only British competitor Nina Ross beated the Czech Bikini Pro. „I am absolutely overjoyed with my 2nd place.“ said Vlaďka Krásová. 


Seminar with Vlaďka Krásová took place on Tuesday, March 15, at Eagle Fitness in Prague. Not only women attended this seminar but also men. Main theme was nutrition but practical tips for training were not missing. Vlaďka also revealed that she started to cooperate with George Farah. 


Vladka had a special visitor during workout. The world bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone.


The seminar will be on March 15th at 7pm at Eagle Fitness in Prague. No registration required and free entry. 






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